Reviews for the 2240 Repeating Breech.

I am going to try this and see how it works. I will post all reviews...good and...if any...not so good..

04-14-07 From Tim Miller: I received the B&A repeating breech yesterday and promptly installed it on a 2240. I did load the tube and get a feel for it before I installed it on the gun, and I must say that it is a truly awesome product.

The design is ingenious. The tube magazine holds 25 pellets. To reload, one cocks the bolt rearward, then taps the slide to the left, then back right (while tilting gun upwards), closes the bolt, then fires. No more struggling with pellets and loading; its a very easy operation with the B&A repeating breech. I think that this breech may appeal to hunters wanting a fast follow up shot.

I fired 200 300 rounds through this gun today. I tested the following pellets: Crosman Copperhead points, Crosman Premiers, Crosman Wadcutters, Beeman Kodiaks, Beeman Crow Magnums, JSB Exacts, and Daisy Wadcutters. All of the pellets I tested cycled flawlessly. The Kodiaks are a long pellet, and there was a little resistance during the loading operation.

I also did a time test to see how quickly it could be reloaded. I received the breech with the bolt on the left side (I think this was my mistake with ordering). I am a left handed shooter and have never used the left side bolt. I still managed to get 15 shots in one minute. I wasnt trying to set a record, either. In fact, I was still hitting my target (an 8 by 11 sheet of paper) on every shot. I did the test to see how it compared to hand loading pellets. Id say that it loads quite fast. Itd probably be even faster (for me) if I had the bolt on the right side.

Someone had asked if the breech might damage the pellet during loading, so I had to check that out, too. I decided to fire them at something soft, and at low pressure - at the end of a co2 cart. When a cart was nearly dead, I dry fired a few more times so that there was almost no gas left. This way, the pellets would not get distorted on impact. CPs, JSB Exacts, Crosman WCs, Crosman Points, Daisy WCs, and Beeman Crowmags came out in perfect shape no nicks. The only marks were the tiny rifling grooves. The Kodiaks had a tiny impression on the nose of the pellet. Maybe a bit too long of a pellet, but the Kodiaks hit home when I shot at targets, so I dont know if accuracy was affected.

I also shot a few groups with the repeating breech attached, using Crosman Premier pellets. The gun is a stock 2240 with a 7 barrel and I shot offhand using open sights. Groups were about the size of a quarter at 15 yards. The groups looked just about the same as the groups I shot with the stock 2240 out of the box. The repeating breech did not affect accuracy from my testing.

Installing the breech was a bit tricky. It wasnt the easiest job in the world. I wont make this post a hundred pages long, but installation might frustrate people that arent very handy. I also had a slight transfer port leak using the stock t-port. A poly seal, using a barrel that has been milled flat would solve that issue easily. Also, if the pellet stop isnt installed just where it needs to be, it will not work. Get it in the right place, and it works, stopping the second pellet and letting one come through at a time. Its a neat design; the pellet stop only opens when the slide moves.

My initial impression is that the B&A repeating breech is an excellent product. Its a brilliant design and works very well. I am very happy that Ron introduced this product and has made it available for us. Now if I can just get one with the bolt on the right side instead of the left Find one here:

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