Stocks and Grips

One of the first mods most hobbyists do is change the furniture. It not only dramatically changes the appearance of the gun...wood feels better than plastic. We are very lucky to have some very talented woodworkers in our community. And there are new guys coming in to the arena all the time.

This stock was made for a DAQ .495 Bandit by Paul Bishop for Gary Warrick. As you can see it was made by a true artisan.

If you know of someone who should be added to this list...please email me.


    Wood by Paul Bishop     Wire Stocks by AC Custom Parts
   Wood by Rick    Wood by Carlos Perez
   Wood by Steve Corcoran    Wood by David G.
   Wood by Richards Microfit     Wood by Mike Abernethy
    Wood by Axiom LeMak     Wood by K and S
    Brad's bullpup Stock     Keith's Grips
    Kueng Airguns     LP Gunstocks