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Stocks and Grips by Steve Corcoran

Steve Corcoran has made a quick name for himself in the airgun community by making high end, hand made stocks and grips for a few select airguns. You will not meet anyone easier to deal with than Steve. He seems to go out of his way to make your stock one of a kind.

Visit his web site for prices and while you are there...check out his brother's fishing lures.

NEW 13XX Ambi  Stock

NEW 22XX Thumbhole Stock

NEW 22XX Ambi  Stock


 DAQ .308 Stock

 SS200 Stock

Guns by Roy at MountainAir 

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NEW QB Stock Design

Kidd's new QB stock. 



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  QB78 Stock now available 

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  2250 Thumbhole Stock 

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LD Stocks

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IZH Grips

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Many more grips can be seen at Steve's web site.

My Crosman 600 Stock

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Steve Corcoran
1089 FM 1200
Gainesville, Texas 76240
1 (940) 612-2706




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