Second North Texas shoot-out and Bar-B-Q

June 2007

Had another great get together...although we did not have as many people. Dan was with relatives and Roal was on vacation. We still had a great time, this time out at Steve's place in Gainesville. David Enoch and his brother Bryan showed up and brought some of the steel targets they used at the Autumn Airgun Festival. We put them out at different intervals and commenced to shooting.

David and Bryan added to our day by bringing in a whole new slew of guns. There were LDs, Air Arms and some beautiful wood to look at. Steve made hamburgers and we kept one eye on the sky. I left around 3:30...not sure when the party broke up. Many thanks to Steve for hosting this one.

Here are some of the pictures.

Setting up John shooting his QB David and Steve checking out Steve's new stock design BEAUTIFUL Air Arms

John's write up taken from the GTA Forum:

Had a great time today.. we didn't know if it was going to happen since we had a pretty good gully washer last night. I called Steve the host's house this morning at 9 to see if we were on or not and it was a go. Steve and Joel were already there when I showed up a little after 10. There were targets already setup and ready to go. Dave and his hm brother or cousin Brian, I cant remember which now showed up shortly after I did and brought with them quite a few spinner and field targets. We set them out and started plinking away. Steve has a stock pond about 150 yards off of his back porch that he had set up cans on posts on a dirt patch behind the stock pond. He said anyone to hit one of the cans off the post would get a Woods sand Water hat (Woods and Water Outdoors is the name of Steve's company where he makes airgun stocks).

Me and my QB I have not shot in a year David's slick shooting bench.  Check out the stock tank behind me...more later Another great looking stock by steve John shooting my QB

Well I watched Steve use his AA S410 and do it. Then I watched David and his FX Cyclone do it. Then I watched Steve do it again with Joel's QB78 .22. I was shocked and amazed. Guys we are talking 150 yards with pellet guns!!!! I gave it a go with Steve's S410 but I just didn't have the eyes to see where the pellet was landing so I couldn't make the adjustments. I did however.... shoot the B26-2 out to I am going to guess 75 yards and hit a bell then a spinner target that Steve mounted to the top wire of a barbed wire fence. I shot the spinner with the B26-2 about 3 times....and got it with my Qb78D once. Since I have already ranted and raved about Steve's S410 and Joel's TX200 Paul  Bishop stocked dreams. I want to mention 2 guns that I found of interest.

Can't see all of them in the picture but there are around 50 targets Steve checking out David's LD Cans set up down by the pond David trying to hit cans at 150 yards

The first being an AA Pro Sport. Its an under lever springer from the fine folks at Air Arms and man what a sweet springer it is. Has a very healthy stock and it is a hard hitting gun I am guessing in the 900-1100 fps range depending on your pellet preference. Very nice fit and finish and what was cool about this gun is the way the did the cocking lever. The stock is so healthy that the cocking lever actually folds back up into the forearm of the stock..... very cool. The other honorable mention gun that I really liked was Dave's FX Gladi8or. It kind of reminded me of the Talon's with one exception.

David gets down to business
David's post from the GTA Forum:

I had a great time at Steve's. Steve was a great host and my brother Bryan both enjoyed meeting everyone and shooting. Thanks for inviting us along to shoot with you guys. John, it was nice to meet you. I also met Steve for the first time Saturday.

I brought along several gun. I shot my TX200 HC, Gladi8or, BSA Lightning, JC Higgins (Crosman) 180 and an LD. I had planned on getting out my FWB300 to try mini sniping but it was windy enough that I was having trouble enough hitting with faster guns. Bryan shot his Pro Sport and R1 and maybe another gun or two. I guess we shot for about 5 hours in total.

With the wind blowing like it was, it took me a lot of lead to finally knock a can full of water off of a pipe at 150 plus yards with the Gladi8or. First I ranged in the pond until I got a handle on elevation and wind. The wind was so gusty though, that the pellets would vary from hold off of 6" to 24" to the left of the can. So, there was a lot of luck involved. I put one shot though the can and half the water poured out. Then I kept on shooting and eventually, I hit the base of the can and sent it flying. I wonder if I had any other pellets pass through the can but not knock it over. I suspect I did.

John was a great shot with his B26-2. He hit the spinner on the back fence 3 times and I never hit it once!

We got lucky with a nice day. The high was only about 90 and there was a good breeze blowing. I am a little red faced this morning even though I wore a wide brimmed hat.

I think Joel Lively had some of the neatest guns based on 22xx platforms. His 25 cal and 32 cal were awesome. He also had a sweet QB with a microfit stock and a beautiful TX200.

Thanks again for inviting us,

David Enoch

The reservoir in the butt of the gun isn't a tank like the Talon's its molded into the butt so it LOOKS like it would be more comfortable. And its another hard hitting PCP what can I say. Dave hit the can out at 150 yards it was just incredible watching these guys do this. I was totally perplexed lol. Steve made us some burgers good stuff to eat after doing some shooting.

David tying out Steve's LD Getting lunch ready Bryan's great looking Abernathy stock

Was a very relaxed atmosphere and great company to spend a weekend day off with. Not to mention all the airgun talk, lol I don't know what was more fun talking or shooting it was just another great day in N. Texas. Thanks to Steve for hosting the event today he was a very gracious host and he has the ultimate backyard for his high-powered shooters hehe. Was a very relaxed atmosphere and great company to spend a weekend day off with. Not to mention all the airgun talk, lol I don't know what was more fun talking or shooting it was just another great day in N. Texas. Thanks to Steve for hosting the event today he was a very gracious host and he has the ultimate backyard for his high-powered shooters hehe. ~ John G. 2007

John keeps on plinkin' A few of the guns another shot Bryan shooting one of John's guns Steve taking aim on the cans down by the stock tank.


 Bryan checking out my Paul Bishop TX stock Bryan checking out Steve's new stock for a DAQ .308 Freehand? What a show off!! Nice looking Rifle.
Bryan's take on the shoot out:

What a fun, beautiful day it turned out to be. Nice meeting John, Steve, and seeing Joel again. David and I made it an even five, for our little plinking group. I just took three springers, an old R1 carbine .177 that I had just finished completely custom tuning myself with buttoned piston, brass guides, custom spring and seals, and it was shooting very nice and smooth. I also took a stock Air Arms Pro Sport that was shooting great as usual, and custom Pro Elite with Mike Abernathy stock and it's been fully tuned. I should have brought something lighter cocking as my arm was tired by the end of the day, and next time, I won't forget the sunscreen. Wow, am I reddish brown today!

It was a little bit of a hike from Dallas, but well worth the drive, as Steve's got a wonderful place. It was really cool seeing his custom stocks and bows that he makes. Very impressive work, and I've done a bit of woodworking myself, so let me tell you, this guy is good.

I was kicking myself for forgetting the digital camera, but maybe Joel will post some photos. Meeting new guys and having a great day of shooting, some great grilled burgers, and beautiful blue sky's with puffy clouds, airplanes buzzing us right over our heads, (Little airport right across the road) plenty of targets from close to out miles away, well, not quite but 150 yards away seemed that far, just a fun day for sure.

Hope to see you guys again soon.

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