Great day shooting at Casey's place

(And a Christmas Story)

Man oh man...did I need this. Casey invited Dan and I to come up and shoot at his place north of Fort Worth. Casey and I had been trying to get together for about three months. We finally got our dates straight and I called Dan to come with me. The last time Dan and I had gone shooting we froze our NUTS OFF up at Steve Corcoran's. Two days before today's shoot it had snowed 10 inches and today there was still snow on the ground...but it was a nice 61 degrees.

I guess I should mention here that I have a new gun. Casey's grandfather (and my good friend) bought Casey and I both new Dragon Slayers for Christmas. Casey wanted an airgun he could take down bigger game with and Robert (Casey's grandfather) asked me to put together a deal for him. I talked to that wonderful lady at Pyramid...Sharon Apel...and she made Robert a great deal on one. And while he was on the phone with her he asked her if maybe he should buy one for me too. She said that she thought that was a GREAT idea. (What else would you expect the head of sales to say?)

All this was without my knowledge. Had I known it I would have encouraged Robert to just buy for Casey...but since I did not know...

I was sitting in the gallery a couple of weeks before Christmas when a UPS truck pulls up outside and the driver carries in two large packages. I look at the return address and it is from Pyramid Air. I called Robert and told him that Pyramid messed up...they sent Casey's gun to me. He said:

"No's no mistake...Merry Christmas."

Knock me over with a feather. Did I mention what a great guy Robert is? What a fantastic Christmas present. So now Casey and I have matching .50 cal. Dragon Slayers. And this is such a different animal from the rest of my airguns. It goes BOOM when you pull the trigger. And it leave a much bigger hole.

Today was only the second time that I got to really take it for a drive. The 225 grain .50 caliber slugs were going right through 1/2 inch plywood. And it's as load as a 30-30. Have to get me some ear plugs.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Besides the Dragon Slayer, Casey just got a new Condor. I had shot Dan's Talon before but this gun is different. Seems to be much more powerful. Casey's place sits on a bunch of land so we had lot's of room to shoot. The blue scuba tank in the middle photo came with the Dragon Slayer.


A few of the guns we were shooting. Dan brought his Career 707 which is one sweet gun. Casey's Condor and my Dragon Slayer. Dan also brought his  souped-up QB-79. I also brought two of my QB's but did not really get around to shooting them.


The photo's above are us sighting in the guns. It had been a while since we had been able to get out and shoot so the guns needed to be zeroed in. At one point we had to stop and wait for two wild turkeys to make their way along that back was not turkey season so we let them pass. When I turned my hat on backward I felt my IQ drop. Wierd.

After we sighted the guns in...we traveled down to Casey's stock tank and waited while he set up targets on the other side. His friend from school showed up and joined in the fun. Dan's PCP QB-79 was a lot of fun to shoot.


Shooting Dan's gun Dan loving his gun Me shooting his gun some more


All in all we had a great day of shooting. Hopefully this is only one of many to come this summer. Thanks to Casey and his family for inviting us up. ~ Joel



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