Magazines for QB78/79, Crosman 22XX, Benjamin Discovery

The RIM series Rotary Indexing Magazines turns your QB, Crosman 22xx or Benjamin Discovery   air rifle into a repeater. Easy to load and affordable, you'll never shoot again without them. The system consists of a mount that clamps onto your rifle's breech and 1 or more magazines that slide into the mount and lock in place. Shots are loaded by indexing the magazine with your thumb. A ball detent stops the cassette at the proper position. The cassette can be rotated in either direction.

Magazine & Mount 8 shot .22 Cal

Plastic Magazine available in 10 shot .177 Cal or 8 shot .22 cal

Aluminum Magazine available in 8 shot  .22 or 10 shot .177 Cal


Introducing Riser Breeches for the QB in single shot and repeater

Riser Breech clears Co2 and HPA tanks.   Free floated barrel design with double set screw.   Steel construction with 11mm dovetail. Includes cocking pins and front breech screw
Made in the USA

Single shot QB Riser Breech. 
Uses stock barrel.

Multiple shot QB Riser Breech. Ball detent manually indexing.   Removable magazine with O-ring pellet retention  8 shot 22 cal   or 8 shot .177 cal.
 Requires simple machining of stock barrel

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