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Drozd Mix-N-Match barrel systems



  The Drozd Mix-N-Match barrel system is a building block system that allows the user to make up to four different barrel configurations. It is designed so that you can purchase as little as you want and then add to it later or, if you desire, purchase it all and save money at a less expensive package price.

   Barrel configurations can easily be changed within 5 minutes, WITHOUT tools! The Mix N Match kit allows you to configure your Drozd as a Carbine, Small Machine Gun (SMG), or a Tactical Rifle. The SMG and Carbine kits use a 15-1/4 barrel and the Tactical Rifle kit uses a 23-3/4 barrel. These kits look VERY realistic and you will be amazed at the performance improvement your Drozd will achieve.

I got interested in airguns about 8 years ago when my wife asked me to do something about the Grackles that were raiding our bird feeders and driving away all the song birds. I bought a BS .177 pump rifle to do the task. well, I'm a machine and tool designer and I had all sorts of "Improvements" in my head. I just couldn't leave the gun alone so I took it apart to see if I could make it better. That incident opened a whole can of worms for me. I have a full machine shop including CNC controlled equipment and the sky was the limit. Eight years later, I have over 100 airguns of all kinds from .177 up to .50 caliber. I have made so many modification that I can't remember them all. Others have taken my ideas and been quite successful commercially. I try to stay a couple of years ahead of the pack, but lately they are starting to catch up. So, back to the drawing board.

Umarex Steel Storm mods



The SMG Kit

The Carbine Kit

The Tactical Rifle Kit

The SMG Fake Suppressor kit

The standard DIY QD adapter, (Shown mounted in a Drozd  magazine) Is a 10  minute easy installation with a hammer, pin punch and 5/16 or an adjustable wrench. They are all steel, hot blued and have an integral male Quick disconnect machined on the end. The geometry of the QD fitting is compatible with ALL known paintball remote Quick disconnects.  No fittings to buy or connections to leak.  

 The turnkey bulk adapter kit, which has the QD adapter above, a Foster QD to match,a heavy duty 3000 psi coiled hose, and a tank top with on/off is $69 shipped using a Postal MO in the US .

They both work with either CO2 or HPA paintball tanks. All you add is a tank.  Illustrated installation instructions come with both.  Shown, are the adapter installed in a Drozd magazine and the complete turnkey setup.

Some of Jim's other Innovations

Jim's Bulk Filled 2240

Drozd with a black dye job, Fake Suppressor barrel kit, Wire overfolder stock, and 300 shot Hi-Cap magazine with Bulk gas adapter.

Jim's Custom DAQ .25 barrel and breech with  PCP
tank and reversed 1399 stock.

Modified Airsource tanks. All are refillable Drozd with wire overfolder stock and SMG barrel kit.

Original QB-78 Barrel Band compared to stock barrel band

Reverse Pull-to-Cock kit compared to stock QB-78 parts Drozd with M16 stock, Hi-Cap magazine and Tactical Rifle barrel kit QB-78 with reverse cocking kit, repeating breech and laminated thumbhole
Adjustable butt plate for the Cr 1399 stock
My 2240 repeating breech rifle with an assortment of Jumbo refillable CO2 cartridges for (top to bottom) QB-78, Cr 2240, Cr 2250, QB-1. These cartridges can be thrown in the freezer to make them easy to fill and them just screwed into the gun and fired to open them just like a normal CO2 cartridge. 2240 rifle with and without the jumbo cartridge installed.

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