Adam Vigil's custom parts

For Condor/Talon

I have come up with some various upgrades for the Airforce line of rifles and will continue to do so in the future. Currently I offer the Wokbutt which is the original adjustable shoulder piece for the Talon/Condor. Also I offer the Billet Trigger guard and a grip adapter that allows the use of many AR15 aftermarket grips, as well as a aluminum disc upgrade for the shoulder piece that provided a stable foundation for the shoulder pieces to attach to instead of the stock plastic one.

Here is the "Wokbutt" that is designed as a drop in replacement for the stock shoulder piece for the Talon/Condor. It is hand crafted by me and made of aircraft grade aluminum 6061-T6 aluminum has a hard matte black powder coat finish and fitted with stainless steel hardware.

It provides a much improved shouldering of the gun and allows for more comfortable and consistent head position and is adjustable for a custom fit to the shooter.

This is the "Wokbutt Strap-On" and is designed to attach to any tank by the use of hose clamps or heavy duty zip ties. It provides a rock solid mounting option that many have chose to also use on CO2 tanks.

This is called the "Mini Wokbutt" and was designed for the new Edge rifle from Airforce

Next is the "AR 15 Grip Adapter". You can put the AR 15 grip of you choosing on your Talon. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum and has a hard powder coat finish. Some grips work better then others due to the funky rear area on the Talon frame. Many choose to use the Hogue AR15 grip which fits well. The adapter is made to fit "Billet Trigger Guard" and can use the stock trigger guard as well.

I also make the "WOKGARD 15" an integral trigger guard and AR15 grip adapter for the Talon/Condor

Here is something new that replaces the stock plastic mounting disk for the shoulder piece. I call it a "Woktank Disk". It is turned from aluminum and fitted with a threaded insert to bolt the should piece to.

You can sandwich the disc between the end of the tank and cover just like the stock one. Or some have used JB weld to mount the disc to the rear of the tank for a permanent and rigid mount.

EVERYBODY WHO HAS A TALON OR CONDOR SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE. The plastic disc breaks with use and is crap.

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